I’m sitting in a coffee shop right now with my headphones in but they’re not playing anything, listening to the two guys next to me talk. The older guy, who I’ve gathered is a professor or what-not, is talking about how much he doesn’t like California.

“I was born and raised here,” said the old…


Because if he travelled with his eyes and heart open he would know that Paris is a bit shit. It’s got its grandeur but it is dirty, and crowded and unfriendly and it seems that everyone is out to pickpocket you. It’s got the tower and the Louvre and Notre Dame, but if you open your eyes, you know that it’s a city crying for help.

So word of advice to those with wanderlust, travel with your eyes and heart open, and be prepared to be awed and disappointed along the way. 

So lately the universe hasn’t stopped hating me and my love life is in a rut. The past few weeks have been a series of constant disappointments.

Two nights ago the universe decided to throw me a very interesting person I finally could connect with and share the same passion with me and the thrill for adventure. I thought to  myself, well wouldn’t it be nice if I see where this goes. Gee thanks, universe for arranging this lovely meet-up.

But no.

Said person doesn’t give two flying fucks.

Now I know how my dog feels when I pretend to throw a bone across the yard only to run that length and find jack shit nothing.

So yeah it sucks and all. Went on an emo rant with the best friend via Skype so that helped ease the heartache a little. We promised each other we’d start on a workaholic regime starting tomorrow. We’d keep our eye on the ball and achieve our big dreams. 10 years from now we’ll be successful and live the life.

I also read this today: [LINK] and it hits me straight to the heart. I should just start living the life I have now and be thankful for it. I have amazing friends who are fun and caring. One of them came over this afternoon on a whim and boy, did it make my day. I should stop this moaning and feeling sorry for myself and being angry at the world. Coz the damn universe doesn’t give a shit anyways, its just gonna throw more shit at me if it wanted to, but that doesn’t mean I have to give a flying fuck, right?

So yes, I’m starting a whole new regime tomorrow. It’s gonna be a brand new day and the perfect time to start anew.

Let’s just hope everything will go smooth sailin’ :)

Does anything break more young hearts in this day and age than the unclear, we-like-each-other-but-not-enough-to-put-it-on-Facebook, vague connections? So many people are involved in them and they’re typically unhappy and/or unsatisfied. Because the having sex, or hanging out together part only lasts for so long, then there’s all the time in between to think about wanting more from them.”


Will have to face this again soon :(

To go back home and start an internship at one of the biggest news channels in the country or to go travel and embark on an adventure?

To choose between advancing my career or to discover the world with your sight, hearing and tastebuds?

This has got to be the hardest choice I’m gonna have to make since having to choose which university to attend. 

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Happy 31st birthday to my Instagram king, Patrick J Adams! ♥

jizz in my pants. 

all i need now is the courage to admit that this is what i feel and to say it to your face…

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